About Us:

If you’re looking for quality orthodontics that will make you smile in south Florida, you’ll find it at our Boca Raton, FL and Coral Springs, FL orthodontist offices! Unlike a general dentist who might offer an orthodontic service or two, we specialize in straightening teeth and correcting misaligned jaw structure with the latest technology like digital imaging and suresmile®. Your experience will be comfortable, effective, and efficient. You can visit us at two convenient locations, and initial consultations are complimentary.

Meet Our Doctors

I strive to provide the highest standards of orthodontic care to my patients and maintain memberships in a number of vital organizations in order to stay on the cutting edge of changes and technological advances.

I was born and raised with my three brothers in Waterbury, Connecticut. My father and two older brothers paved the way for a career in medicine, but I decided early on that I wanted to help people smile.

After receiving my Bachelor of Science degree and graduating cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Engineering and Applied Science in 1980, I attended dental school at Boston University, graduating in the top 5% of my class in 1984. While attending my orthodontic residency at Boston University, I was admitted to the National Dental Honor Society and published my research, “Orthodontic Treatment and How it Relates to TMJ” in the American Journal of Orthodontics

Being able to provide cutting edge orthodontic care to the community in which I grew up is amazing to me. I will always strive to provide the highest level of care to my patients, and strongly value the fact that orthodontics is a relationship based profession. Our patients should feel at home and comfortable, and we work very hard to provide them with a superior treatment experience.

I was born and raised right here in Hollywood, Florida along with my brother, Adam. I have always loved South Florida, and while it was great to get away for a bit during college, I always knew I’d be back. Meeting Dr.W, and now becoming a partner in this practice is a dream come true, and my wife and I are so happy to be able to live and work in the community we grew up in!

Meet Our Staff

Marnie – Orthodontic Assistant

My enthusiasm for orthodontics began at the age of 18 while I was undergoing orthodontic treatment. For the past decade my passion has grown as I help to create beautiful smiles and watch how that can boost confidence and brighten lives.

In my spare time I am a certified health coach and an avid traveler. My husband and I share a love for cruising! Our princess at home is our 6 pound Yorkipoo named Shadow!

Lori – Orthodontist Assistant & Clinical Supervisor

I have been working with Dr.W since 1990, and I love helping Dr. W and Dr. R “create” beautiful smiles! Building lasting relationships with the patients is one of my favorite aspects of the job as well as working with a super special team!

In my personal time, I enjoy my family, especially my grandchildren and our pets. We all enjoy watching various sports, especially football! I play fantasy football with my kids and their friends and have a blast! I also enjoy reading, church activities and a good movie!

Shannon – Orthodontic Assistant & Clinical Supervisor

In 1999 I had the amazing opportunity to join this practice and be trained by Dr. Wohlgemuth. Orthodontic technology is always evolving and Dr.W and Dr.R are always at the cutting edge of the newest advances. This has kept my career challenging and interesting which I love! I am our practice’s SureSmile Coordinator, and was honored to be awarded the SureSmile Coordinator of the Year in San Diego.

It won’t be long before my entire family has a Smile by Dr.W and Dr.R as Kylie and Taya are currently in treatment and my son Blake is not too far behind!

Sandra – Orthodontic Assistant

I practiced general dentistry in Venezuela before moving to Florida. I always had an interest in orthodontics, which led me to Dr.W and Dr.R. I learn something new every day working with them! Orthodontics helps bring joy to people with a new smile that can be proud of. For some, it opens a new world, which gives me joy as an assistant.

As a wife and mother of 2, my weekends are filled with outdoor activities and family events.

Debbie – Orthodontic Assistant & Clinical Supervisor

A member of the team since 2006, I graduated from dental school in Peru in 1996, and am glad to be able to work in the field I am passionate about! I love helping to create beautiful smiles through orthodontics. While working with Dr. W & Dr. R, I have learned many new techniques, and the doctors are always pushing me to become a better professional every day.

Outside the practice I am a devoted wife and mother to three kids. I am passionate about “track and field”, offering my time on the field as a coach! I love to travel and meet new people, see new places, and see what other countries have to offer. I believe in Love which allows us the opportunity to open absolutely every door for a good life.

Mariagnes – Managing Director

I take great pride in managing an office widely known in the community for excellence and ability to exceed patient expectations. The practice provides me with a fun environment in which to work with a great team, which centers around Dr.W and Dr.R providing the absolute best quality of care for their patient family.

Since my daughter lives in Philadelphia, I always look forward to a visit in the northeast During my vacation time.

Ronie – Scheduling Coordinator

I have had the privilege of working with the team since 2008. After decades of experience in orthodontics, I can say that I absolutely love working with Dr.W and Dr.R! I have seen so many patients over the years and one of my favorite aspects of my job is watching a patient’s smile change before my eyes. Plus, the debanding celebration with the Smiles Team is priceless!

My husband and children, Hayli and Dhanin, are my pride and joy. We are always on the go, including when we’re on our way to my children’s visits to Dr.W and Dr.R as patients!

Pam – Orthodontic Assistant

I have spent 20 years in the dental and orthodontic world, but in my 6 years with Dr.W and Dr.R, I am constantly amazed by the care taken with each family and final results of our patients. I still delight in learning with these doctors each and every day.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my children and especially my grandchildren who bring a new level of joy to my life.

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